Assesment and treatment of speech and language delays and deficits to help develop skills for successful communication.

Responsive, family-centered approach to expand intake and variety of accepted foods, develop and progress skills for feeding, and support motivation to eat at home, school, and beyond.

Help children with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills.

Recognized for advanced training and clinical expertise in PROMPT and Story Grammar Marker. Trained in the Listen, Love, Learn process for children with auditory processing and listening disorders. Comprehensive AAC Evaluations.

About Us

Wellesley Pediatric Speech Therapy is a private clinic offering services to the Boston and Western suburban communities. We offer evaluations, individual treatment, and group treatment. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of toddlers, preschool, elementary, middle school and high school children with speech, language, articulation and social/pragmatic delays and disorders. Each child will receive individual treatment plans to meet their needs and goals.

Types of Services

Your child’s evaluation will assess areas of difficulty that could benefit from intervention. Evaluations consist of parent and child interviews, clinical observations and formal standardized testing. Results from evaluations will be discussed and appropriate treatment and recommendations will be made.

Each child will have an individualized program that focuses on their specific deficits, functional goals and interests. Your child will work with the same therapist weekly to establish rapport and consistency. Treatment takes place in a non-distracting, structured environment. Additionally therapists work with families to develop home programs.

We provide children with the opportunity to practice and expand their language skills in a more functional controlled environment. Therapy will focus on each child’s use of language in play, conversation and in the community. Children are grouped according to language, cognitive and social skill level.

What We Treat

  • Receptive Language Delays
  • Expressive Language Delays
  • Articulation & Phonological Disorders
  • Stuttering
  • Voice Problems
  • Feeding Deficits
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social & Pragmatic Impairments
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Austism Spectrum Disorder
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Listening Therapy
  • Sensory Integration
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills

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